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The Way to Make A Short Bob Wig Look Natural
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Wysłany: 2020-06-05, 08:40   The Way to Make A Short Bob Wig Look Natural

Human hair lace front wigs are more and more popular for black women. But longer human hair lace wigs need a lot of time to maintain. If you're tired with long hairstyles, it's a good time to try a short bob wig in Summer. Wearing a wig to look natural is the dream of every beautiful lady. But some people feel Bob wigs difficult to style and unnatural to look at. Here are some tips to make a short bob wig look more natural.

Pre plucked the hairline
Set your short bob wig on wig stand. Tweeze the hairline of the bob wig according to your liking to pluck it to get the even perfect natural hairline.
Braid your real hair
Braid your real hair in a simple style. Make sure braid your real hair to set flat and evenly on your scalp.
Prepare a wig
Trim all of your hair back from the edge of the short bob wig in order that it doesn't get caught in the hair when you secure the wig to your head. This is more important when you secure bob wig with adhesive. For human hair short bob wigs, the edge of lace should be more close to the hairline as possible. But you should be careful not to damage the hairline of the bob wig.
Prepare the scalp which is close to your hairline
Clean your forehead carefully with a gentle cleanser, especially your real hairline. Wear a wig cap to cover your braid patterns to protect your real hair. Tuck extra hairpieces under the wig cap around front, back and side edges in your wig cap. Make sure no hair pieces poke out from under your wig cap. This helps to ensure the short bob wig secure to the scalp well.
Align your hairline
Make sure the hairline of bob wig align your hairline. Make sure they are alignment from ear to ear while lift up the edge of the wig.
Secure short bob wig with glue or adhesive
If you use glue to secure your bob wig, put a thinner layer on your entire hairline with a cosmetic stick or a small makeup brush. If you choose soft adhesive, do not put the short bob wig immediately. Wait 3-5 minutes until the adhesive become tacky. If you use strong adhesive, the short human hair bob wig can be put on immediately. Gently press the edge of the lace on the glued scalp, working around the hairline until the lace is secure around your entire hairline well. If there are little glue beyond the hairline, remove it with a cosmetic stick in some alcohol solution. A few people prefer to use wig tape, cut the double-sided wig tape to the desired lengths according to your real hairline, which can cover your entire hairline. Secure one side on your hairline and press it firmly.
Create baby hair
Celiehair have short bob wig with bangs, or side part bob wig. Most people want to create baby hair to get a more natural look. Pull baby hair on the hairline forward gently and trim them with a cosmetic razor. Make sure cut all hairpieces to be the same length. Then use toothbrush to lay your edges with glue to make your hairline looks more natural and stunning.
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